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My Work

In recent years, I’ve gotten to work on some really interesting and challenging projects all over the country. Along the way, I’ve met some amazing people and was able to hone some really useful skills – from interviewing, producing, directing and cinematography, to post production with green screening, motion graphics, audio design, and of course packing up gear to fly it across the country (hopefully) in one piece*.

Check out the selections above to see just a small slice of what I’ve created, or dig into my full portfolio by clicking the button below.

*Only a few pieces of equipment were harmed in the making of these videos (that tripod had it coming…)

About Me

Hi there, I’m Seth!

I’m a filmmaker based in Spokane, Washington. Whether the project I’m developing is a commercial or mini-documentary, a live event or a short film, I take pride in using a personal, narrative-based approach to create content that tells a story and speaks to the heart. I’m a “Jack of all Trades” who loves to take a hands-on approach with every project I work on. From concept, pre-production and managing a set, to the final edit – I’m capable of creating engaging video content from start to finish.

When I’m not making films and commercials, I enjoy writing, making music, and hanging out with my wife and our ridiculous cats.

My Skills

I love every step of the process of filmmaking.

As an experienced editor, I am fluent in Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Audition, and other post-production tools. I dabble in a bit of Photoshop and motion graphics. On set, I have all the technical skills required to set up lighting, record audio, manage data and operate camera. I’m a personable interviewer and can even produce and direct.

To see a PDF of my resume, please click below.

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